Thursday, August 2, 2007

Expanding Consciousness

"It is impossible to make people understand their ignorance; for it requires knowledge to perceive it and therefore he that can perceive it hath it not." Jeremy Taylor

Does expanding the consciousness mean the end to religion? This is mostly an essay of questions; I will leave it to the reader to provide their own answers.

The purpose of expanding the consciousness is to manifest a better life. I believe that this will require a different understanding of metaphysics, spirituality knowledge and wisdom. As consciousness of the people expand on a global scale, the tenets of religion do not meet or address the social needs of the individual. This raises the question, "Is God dead?"

Spirit, angels and demons would seem to be the tenets of religion. It's dogmas of heaven and hell is the fear factor for control of the mind. This control of the mind stops many people from any vision of principles of morality outside the frame work of religion. However, as our consciousness expands there is a need for new terms to define this paradigm shift.

Many of the current religious terms limit the expansion of the mind so that it cannot fully comprehend the vastness of reality. Some words can remain, some will have to be redefined others will have to be replaced altogether.


"Against logic there is no armor like ignorance." Laurence J. Peter

Intelligence includes the ability to reason, plan, solve problems, think abstractly, and comprehend ideas and language and to learn. Intelligence is Divine; it is the ability to access knowledge beyond the constraints of the "Western" minds. It is only when we are born again (die to the "western mind" to be reborn again in the "eastern mind") that we gain access to Divine Intelligence.

What is western mind? Western minds developed what is referred to as Intelligence Quotient. An Intelligence Quotient indicates a person's mental abilities relative to others of approximately the same age. IQ scores reflect general capacity for performing intellectual tasks, such as solving verbal and mathematical problems. However, Eastern minds take into consideration, Emotional Quotient or Emotional Intelligence. Those with high EQ are motivated, self-disciplined, aspire to excellence, continually seek to learn and being retrained to add value to life. Hand-in-hand with this is Spiritual Quotient or Spiritual Intelligence.

Spiritual Intelligence or Spiritual Quotient (SQ), until very recently, was little known to the western mind. Some call it Quantum Intelligence, it has always been known to the Eastern Minds as Divine Intelligence. Having high SQ capacity give us the ability to question, think creatively, change the rules, work effectively in changing situations by playing with the boundaries, break through obstacles and being innovative.

Divine Intelligence will be seen in outstanding performers as high IQ, high EQ and high SQ. This is what makes them alive, innovative, dynamic and sociable. It's unlikely that you will find many of them in traditional organizations.

Our intelligence extends the depth and breadth of the universes. Our cognitive intelligence is about thinking and emotional intelligence is about feeling. However, spiritual intelligence is about being. It is this Spiritual Intelligence that allows us to be in the image of God. Everyone, of any age, of any measurable IQ, can access this intelligence. We all have the ability to be made in the image of the Creator.

As God is omnipotent ant, so is intelligence. In Spirituality (Spiritual Intelligence or Divine Intelligence), there is no real separation between mind and body, between consciousness and matter; consciousness is a continuum which pervades the entire body and even extends beyond it to the depth and breadth of the universes.

We have obtained Wisdom when we reach higher into this realm of consciousness and spirit to access the greater understanding of what’s occurring in life. Wisdom can come to us in words, pictures, colors, sounds or any form at all. It’s only filtered through our minds (our beliefs; religion, politics and social conditioning). Our beliefs can limit or expand our wisdom.


"Nothing in the entire world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity." Martin Luther King Jr.

Many people believe truth is relative. However, I would like to offer these quotes on Truth.


1) The Word of Yah (God and the Law of Relativity by Ben Ammi)

2) Truth is a form of energy (non-material) that enlivens the human body and all of its functions. Truth affects your way of thinking. This will influence your lifestyle, determine your diet and restrict or refine your environment. All of these are major contributors to your true life and optimum health. The objective of Truth, the fruit of Truth (is) will be a healthy and peaceful society in which the underlying principles of good health become part of everyone's daily life. Truth is creative energy; lies are destructive energy. (An Imitation of Life Redefining what constitutes true life and living in the New World by Ben Ammi)

3) The key to mental, physical, conscious and sub-conscious behavior (Everlasting Life: From thought to Reality by Ben Ammi)

4) Words, doctrines, outlooks and visions which keep man in harmony with the processes that sustain life eternal (Everlasting Life: From thought to Reality by Ben Ammi)

5) Truth is knowable. The truth when known, provides light upon the path and direction for the lost (The Messiah and the end of this World by Ben Ammi)

6) Truth is the right knowledge of reality; a light on the pathway back to everlasting life (God the Black Man and Truth, The Messiah and the end of this world - by Ben Ammi)

7) Only through truth can your worship be at peace with and be a servant of the Most High (Yeshua the Hebrew Messiah of Jesus the Christian Christ? by Ben Ammi)

8) Truth has the Inherent Power to produce the Promised Effects. (REf: Truth Scroll)

9) Truth prevents the onset of disease and can be medicinal in he who speaks it and he who believes it. (Everlasting Life from thought to reality by Ben Ammi)

10) High, Holy and Sacred weapon (God and the Law of Relativity by Ben Ammi)


If we take these ideal of truth to heart, there is no limit to what we can accomplish in righteousness. It would be the end to religion as we know it. This is the paradigm shift that will end our out dated fear factor and give us the ability to be re-imaged (made in the image of God). Thus we would have the ability to provide all the things we need in life and help others in the process. Just think, an end to poverty and homelessness. No more hungry, no war or violence of any kind. Why, we cold even be rich without the aid of money (we all have everything we need and more). Is that not true wealth?