Sunday, December 12, 2010

What is Attraction Marketing?

The key to making money online is to first have a love for the things that money can buy. To be prosperous is to control the flow of money, and not hold onto a lot of money. When you can you love the idea of having lots of money, but not the money itself, you will become an Attractor Factor for money. However, money does not have hands and feet - a person will have to hand you the money. Thus, focus on attracting people to you and provide them a product of service they need.

Attraction Marketing includes anything that you can do to attract people to you, rather than you having to find them, is called attraction marketing. In it's simplest form, "attraction marketing" is about branding you. It's about using the numerous free hi-tech resources (such as Twitter and FaceBook) to brand yourself and having people seek you out to form an alliance with you.

Attraction marketing is about attracting the right people to you and the business opportunity you can provide them. Having an online presence with your own personal website or blog offers one of the greatest attraction marketing opportunities one can create. A well crafted website that exhibit qualities of authority can make you "an authority in your niche". You have to regularly, consistently and persistently be about the business of building your website or blog.

Websites that exhibit authority become popular places where people like to go online. You may have realized by now that adding great and useful content regularly is what is required to for your website or blog to exhibit authority. And, popularity is an excellent measure of authority as expressed by Google

The success of a home based entrepreneur is dependent upon the value you share with others such that you are attractive to other aspiring entrepreneurs. Basically people join people and not the products or the services, thus it is vital to have a good Bio-page. A good way to educate others about your offer is to write articles of value about you and how you're marketing yourself and your product. The articles can be used to subtly direct people to your website.

People don’t like being sold. When you are chasing after your friends and family or cold calling people, you are selling to them. However, the more valuable you become to others, the more others will seek you out, i.e. "attraction marketing". This is the most natural and pleasurable way to grow your Network Marketing business. The secret is to provide solutions to their most pressing problems.

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Longevity Immortality Everlasting Life

Do you believe that you can live forever in your present body? We don't really have to die.

Immortality, Human Physical